Spiritual realization is not that tough to pursue. It only needs proper understanding of the psychic being and the making of it. What is really needed is a thorough knowledge about the process of creation. Unless one knows all the components of a machine, a perfect machine cannot be made. Unless one has total knowledge of the Spirit, spiritual knowledge cannot be perfect. An ill- conceived spiritual knowledge will only be an erosion of time in one’s precious life. There are too many theories about spirituality and too many jargons are used, thereby complicating the process of understanding spirituality. Pursuing the spiritual path is easy for those who could understand the intricacies of the phenomena involved. Once a proper spiritual life is pursued, the result will be distinctly evident, resulting in eternal happiness and joy. This edition has simplified the process of realising the Self within. The book has been divided into two parts. The first one is the theoretical aspect and the second one is the practical aspect. Theory deals with the process of acquiring knowledge and elucidates all about Soul and soul. Technical terms have been avoided as for as possible and all that is necessary to understand spirituality have been explained to the extent that is required to understand them. The first part deals with inner psychic organs, maya, karma, Brahman, individual soul, Prakrti, sensory organs, creation and death, sheaths of body. The origin of worldly experience begins when inner psychic organs set out their interdependence with gross body. The second part deals with the practice of uniting self with the Self. A small portion also deals with endocrine glands situated in third eye. Every effort has been taken to present this edition as simple as possible, so that spirituality is understood in its true sense and practiced perfectly to attain final liberation.



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