The story is about a rustic boy, Shankara transforming into a spiritual guru. God decides that spirituality is on the waning side in the earth. He acts through four great spiritual gurus. An emissary is sent to the village to bring the boy to Haridwar, for spiritual training, a holy town in India. The emissary himself is an enlightened soul and he shows the cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti to the boy. The boy lives with his mother. He leaves his mother and reaches Haridwar with the emissary, whom he adores as his guruji. Guruji introduces him to spirituality during his short stay with him in the village. They reach Haridwar and Shankara gets trained by Shilagra Baba in pranayama as a prelude to practicing kundalini meditation. Baba further briefs the difference between Advaita and Trika philosophies. Baba advises Shankara and his guruji to proceed to Rishikesh to meet Mokshita Yogi Maharaj. Mokshita Yogi Maharaj teaches him kundalini meditation and the concept of karma. There Shankara meets a woman and gets intimate with her. After completing his training at Rishikesh, Shankara and guruji proceed to Rudraprayag to meet Bhagola Aghori Baba, who lives in a cave. He teaches Shankara the finer aspects of spirituality and initiates him into kundalini meditation. He then permits them to go back to Rishikesh and then to Haridwar. On reaching Haridwar, Shilagra Baba attained samadhi. Mother Ganges appeared in person and took Baba’s body. Shankara takes over the reins of Shilagra Baba and becomes a spiritual master. Shankara’s guruji stayed back at Rishikesh. When Shankara was meditating, during deep trance his guruji asked him rush to Rishikesh. When Shankara reached Rishikesh, his guruji attained samadhi. A rustic boy gets transformed into a spiritual guru in a matter of few days.




(the book cover is different)